Bailey started Branded Communication after realizing many small businesses were missing the boat on branding and digital advertising. Too many companies fail to realize a brand is more than a logo, more than a tagline and more than a website. A brand is the impression left on the world. What does your brand say to the world? Does it say anything? Does it say the wrong thing? Are you attracting the wrong audience? Are you attracting any audience? At the same time, brands were leaving thousands of dollars on the table and missing the opportunity to drive leads because they didn't know who their audience was or how to communicate with them. 

Branded Communication enables you to curate your exact target audience and leave the right lasting impression on them. Ultimately, with strategic branding and an optimized digital advertising strategy, you drive more leads and convert more business. Branded communication helps you tell the right story to the right audience.

Branded Communication's clients span every industry from dentistry, photography, chiropractic, renewable energy, oil and gas, boat dealers, car dealers, auto hail dent repair, roofing, custom outdoor kitchens, fitness, spas, e-commerce, influencers, and more.

Bailey was born and raised near Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has a bachelors degree in strategic communication with an emphasis in public relations from Oklahoma State University and a master's degree in administrative leadership from the University of Oklahoma. She first began her career in a mix of broadcast journalism, written journalism and public relations. From there, she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and went into sales and marketing for a tech company. After that, she became the director of sales and marketing for an outsourcing services company. While she was in that role, she was taking on branding and advertising clients on the side and eventually realized her passion for entrepreneurship and brand building. That led to the formation of Branded Communication. She built her company in Utah, then moved to Dallas and now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with her two Australian Shepherds. In addition to being the founder of Branded Communication, she is the co-founder of Refined Wellness, a published author, blogger, social media influencer, and social activist. 

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Bailey is the ultimate professional. Intelligent, well educated, professional, and fun to be around. She ran communications for my startup direct sales company and did an excellent job. Our sales teams loved her, she was on point 99.9% of the time, and the .01% that I wanted the content to go another direction she took the feedback with thoughtful intent, and then executed it quickly. I can highly recommend Bailey Martindale for any communication needs. Web content, sales landing pages, emails, PR, and especially social media engagement. Her positivity is a joy to be around and I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

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